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Looking for a long term corporate hunting lease or retreat?

Our team at Texas Hunting Land LLC has experience in a multitude of different real estate industries and niche markets – not only brokering ranch real estate! We have developed in excess of $60,000,000 of commercial and industrial NNN lease properties. With our expertise in these different fields, we have developed a creative structure which enables a buyer and seller, or in this specific case, landlord and tenant, to come together and facilitate a transaction which is beneficial for both parties.

With the growing need for large corporations and business owners to provide entertainment to potential customers, clients, and employees through the purchasing and coordinating of guided hunts, fishing trips, and outdoor excursions, it can be financially beneficial for a corporate entity to lease a ranch property for year-round use. Some of our ranch listings have lodging for multiple people along with areas which can provide meeting and conference spaces to enable the tenant to use the property for more than just outdoor events. High fenced properties can provide for year-round hunting adventures with stocking of exotics in addition to trophy whitetail. Wing shooting, waterfowl hunts, UTV rides and fishing on a private lake are just a few examples of activities a private corporate ranch retreat would provide for a corporate customer.

Why would a company or business lease a ranch instead of purchasing it?

  • Leasing lowers fixed costs for the company because there is no down payment or amortization of loan principal
  • Leasing offers tax advantages for the company: lease payments, property taxes, insurance, maintenance and utilities may be deducted as the costs are incurred
  • Board approval for leases is easier to obtain versus a purchase
  • Budgeting is easier since the lease payments are fixed and predictable

A typical long term corporate lease would be structured over a minimum of 5 years with the tenant being responsible for real estate taxes, insurance, and maintenance in addition to rent and utilities. The tenant may have renewal options to extend the lease term for a set number of years or have a purchase option to purchase the property at some point during or at the end of the lease.

There are many aspects which go into structuring and successfully executing a long term lease on a ranch property and we can help you in deciding whether a NNN lease is the best way to go for your business!

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